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Half them think things will never work out. The other half believe in magic.
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I can’t remember the 2nd 

time I hurt you—

it was dark & someplace
in that darkness
was the thing I did. 

You weren’t the target, I
know that, though
you might’ve been the bow
& the tension
I really think is love.
Nothing ever sends me away.
I’ve got your pain
in my pocket &
it glows in the dark

and in the light
it’s the softest kind
of singing woman’s voice.
That’s who you are. To me, I mean.
Let me hold your shoulders
back so you look
arrogant & beautiful
welcoming me into the warm
sad party. Let this
be the unfortunate hat
I hang outside the door
if only you will
allow me to come in.


Eileen Myles

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    I can’t remember the 2nd time I hurt you— it was dark & someplace in that darkness was the thing I did. You weren’t the...
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    I first encountered Myles’ poetry in my senior seminar on the New York School. I’ve been reading more of her work since...
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